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Keurig K-Elite Review 2021

What is Keurig K-Elite?

keurig k-elite coffee maker review



Has programmable on/off and temperature setting

To use your own ground coffee, you’ll need to buy the Universal My K-Cup® Reusable Coffee Filter (sold separately)

Includes “Strong” brew option for stronger, bolder coffee

Somewhat picky about the type of water that can be used

5 different cup sizes

75 oz water reservoir

Iced coffee setting

Comes with a water filter

About Single Serve Coffee Makers

Today, we’ll look at single-serve pod coffee machines and how they can make your life easier.

We don’t always have time to grind beans, change out filters and keep our machines clean. That’s the beauty of single-serve machines — all you have to do is fill up the clean water reservoir, insert a coffee pod and brew away! Apart from being a huge time-saver, single-serve machines are also compact and don’t take up much counter space. 

Some of the downsides of single-serve machines include a limited variety of coffee pods, the freshness and quality of the coffee in the pods, and the environmental waste produced from those pods.

We dissected a pod and discovered that it holds ground coffee and has a mini-filter. The machine heats the water, which is then pushed under pressure through the coffee and filter, producing hot, aromatic coffee.

Review of Keurig K-Elite Machine

“Keurig” is Dutch for excellence. This is what you can expect when using their machines and coffee pods. Keurig makes, arguably, some of the best machines on the market — and the K-Elite model lives up to the reputation. 

In the process of doing our Keurig K-Elite review, we found unique features that we haven’t seen in other coffee makers. For example, the Keurig brews 5 different cup sizes, has an automatic on/off setting to brew the perfect cup when you need it and includes temperature and iced coffee settings.

These features, coupled with your choice of three stylish, brushed metal finishes, make the Keurig a big contender among single serve machines.


Without further ado, let’s jump into our Keurig K Elite review!


The K-Elite comes in three brushed metal finishes: gold, silver and slate. The buttons and menu are on the top of the machine and are large and spaced far enough apart that there’s little chance of accidentally hitting one.

Even though it’s made mostly out of high-quality plastic, it would make a great addition to any kitchen, home or office. Our K Elite Keurig review found that anyone can operate this — no special knowledge or instructions necessary. Load up a pod and brew on.


We didn’t find a single review K Elite C Series Keurig that mentioned something breaking or cracking on the outside of the machine. Complaints mostly had to do with the machine malfunctioning or some mechanical issue, although this was rare.

If anything does happen within the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can send it in for repairs or a replacement.


To review Keurig K Elite brewing, you first have to understand how much precious time you’ll be saving in your daily routine because you can program it to turn on and off at a specific time. Also, you can change the temperature of the water to suit your tastes.

Insert a K-Cup coffee pod or use your own ground coffee (you’ll need to buy the Universal My K-Cup® Reusable Coffee Filter - sold separately). After loading up the coffee, choose your preferred cup size, and that’s it. For a stronger brew, press the Strong button before selecting a cup size.


Brew multiple cup sizes (one after the other if you need to) without breaking a sweat. Use the included cup size buttons to brew 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz coffee. If you’re in a rush or on the go, you can remove the drip tray to fill up your travel mug.

A convenient, removable 75 oz water reservoir allows you to brew 8 cups between refills.

Ease of use

Making fresh coffee is as simple as pressing a few buttons. And Keurig gives you the freedom to brew your perfect cup. 

Want a stronger brew? Easy, press the Strong button to make your coffee stronger. 

Want to make iced coffee? Fill up your glass with ice and enjoy a hot-brewed iced coffee drink of your choosing.

Want to make coffee at an altitude of >5,000 ft? Keurig saves the day again with their high-altitude mode.

When we started this review of Keurig K-Elite machine, we didn’t expect to see so many features in such a small package.


Keeping a Keurig running on all cylinders isn’t a hard job. Apart from the removable parts like the reservoir and drip tray, make sure to periodically check and clean the Keurig K-Cup Holder (refer to Page 4 in the User Manual for detailed instructions). 

Keurig recommends descaling with Keurig® Descaling Solution every 3-6 months, depending on the mineral content in your water. 

How to use Keurig K-Elite

Before brewing your first cup, check out the User Manual for instructions on preparing your Keurig. 

After you’ve gone through the four-step process, you can begin brewing. First, place your mug on the drip tray (or remove the drip tray if your mug doesn’t fit). Then, lift the Keurig’s handle and insert a K-Cup pod into the K-Cup pod holder. Close it, and now you can select your brew size. And as already mentioned, if you want stronger coffee, press and hold the Strong button before selecting your cup size. 

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How to drain water from Keurig K-Elite?

  • According to reviews and the official User Manual, the K-Elite cannot be drained completely.

Why can't you use distilled water in the Keurig K Elite?

  • Keurig uses special sensors to detect minerals in the water, which won’t work with distilled water since it’s devoid of minerals. Using distilled water may cause the machine to malfunction.